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So you'd like to earn back the wasted market share? Great. Identifying audience modifiers is one of the best ways add a little more directive to your campaigns, but the process for getting it right can feel daunting. What audiences should should we use? Will this impact my current lead flow? To which campaigns should we apply these audiences and at what bid increases? How fast does this work? And even after out campaigns go live, how are we going to make sure we're not overpaying?

I'm going to help you cut through the confusion—to not only learn how to properly identify, apply and launch your audience modifiers, but make sure it gets you more ROAS, too.

In Automish® Automation Tool #5 mini-course, I'll walk you step-by-step through the entire process of finding automated audience modifiers for your dealership. With detailed step-by-step fail-proof examples along the way, you'll have your new in-market audiences lining up to purchase cars from your dealership.

Your 100+ audience modifiers to find new and used car shoppers online is waiting for you.

Hi, I'm Pep Dekker



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I've been optimizing SEM accounts since 2008, beginning with local optometry groups and credit unions. My automation strategies help save them time, money and most of all help their businesses scale up their investment into digital.

But I didn't stop there! As my reputation grew so did the budgets and demand. I tend to work in 3 lead generation verticals - new and used cars, personal finance and real estate lead generation. The bread and butter being lead generation through search advertising via Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

Throughout the 12 years of managing countless auto dealers ad campaigns across the county, I've identified and organized 100+ audience modifiers that every car dealership(new and used) should apply to their SEM campaigns.

I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't, how to automate growth of an account, and which successes can and can't be replicated.

Now is your chance to leverage my knowledge in the fifth Automish® Automation Tool Mini-course.

Over the past few years, I've applied a lot of what I've learned to help countless of dealerships and dealer groups get up and running on the technical side of Google through my consulting services at Dekker Consulting.

But in the process, I've also heard from many of those COOs and Digital Sales Managers that they need more than just technical help. They need oversight automating and implementing their marketing and sales strategies. They need a way to ask questions of other operations partners. They need someone who's been there and done it to help guide them through the whole process.

That's why I created Automish®, automation tools, scripts, sequences and workflows, to help proactive operators learn from my successes—and failures—getting their digital automation strategies off the ground.

Automish® Automation Tool #4 mini-course gives you six conversion actions every car dealership should be measuring in their digital ad accounts. Everything you need to out bid your local competitors for traffic to earn, those value eyeballs of potential shoppers at the ideal time, engage and set up test drives.

This tool is all about 1x tactical implementation and letting the quality leads drip in.



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Automish® Automation Tool #4 mini-course was created with sales staff in mind. If you’re overseeing your dealers' Google Ads account and looking for a was to win more leads last in the funnel, this is the mini-course for you.
  • Work at your own pace. There are a couple distinct steps you can repeatedly come back to, taking you from let's-do-this to post-implementation success.
  • Clear action items set you up for success, highlighting which actions are to be used for your campaigns. How to pin point the right audience segment for your search, display or video campaigns, and further build an automated marketing sequence that matters.
  • Master checklist to keep you on track, including an excel sheet with 18 identifiers across 6 vehicle types and printable to do list.
  • Gain exclusive access to a private email network to discuss automation practices, mini-course notes, and trade ideas with your fellow account managers.
  • Office hours with Pep to give you the opportunity to ask questions and get advice.



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Across two concise course steps, you’ll learn all about:
  • The how and why of audience modifiers: You'll gain a deep perspective on how and why they work for both you and your leads—from understanding where to apply them and when to use negative audience bids to give you the most control towards fully automating your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Applying audience lists to increase car sales: I'll help you with all the technical implementation required to automate your campaign like a seasoned professional.
  • Setting up affinity and in-market audiences to align with your benchmarks: I'll teach you how to implement audiences for:
  • Cars (New & Used)
  • Trucks (New & Used)
  • SUVs (New & Used)
  • Sedans (New & Used)
  • Luxury Vehicles (New & Used)
  • Sports Cars (New & Used)
  • How to sell more cars with fewer sales staff: Learn how to effectively apply these and other automation tools to earn a stronger ROAS, increased share of voice, and improve your revenue.



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Automish® Automation Tool #4 mini-course is designed for operational teams looking to capture more market share, earn stronger leads, and automate scaling-up their accounts with Google Ads.

You're always looking to reach your next client in a way that makes a difference. Your Google Ads have been a reliable channel but now costs are climbing and it's time to take advantage of this idea that has been waiting in the wings, and this is the month you’re going to make it a reality. You're not only going to automate Google Ads —you’re going to automate the entire digital department. I’m excited to help you create a system for that opperation, starting with Automish® Automation Tool #4.

Robby Rankine

Sales Manager - Portland

"There was a time when we had to choose between investing in advertising channels and now a narrowly focused point of attack provided by these tools solves that problem."

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course and it's automation tools?

You will have lifetime access to the course.

What tools will I need to complete the course?

At the beginning of the mini course, you will only need a computer and access to your auto dealers Google Ads account. I will walk you through your options for implementation, management and future automation.

What do I do if I need help?

If you have a question related to this course, email [email protected] Thanks!

How long is the tool/course?

Plan to take about two hours to complete the mini-course and all audience implementations. There is 1 master file, 6 categories and 18 sub-categories to find in-market car shoppers.

Most clients have some understanding of Google Ads and can install everything in 1 afternoon - given the right campaign structure.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes. On the checkout page under the "Billing Information" section, switch from the Credit Card tab to the PayPal tab. Choose your country and click "Enroll in Course" to be directed to the PayPal checkout. PayPal is not available for any installment plans.

What if I am unhappy with the automation tool mini-course?

Oh no! We don't want that! We offer a 30-day 140% money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the automation tool mini-course for any reason, let us know and we will refund your payment within 30 days +40%. We would appreciate notification within the first 30 days of purchase.

When does the course start and finish?

The tool is available year around; use the email signup box to receive notifications when the course has updates. Once you have enrolled, you have ongoing access. The tool is self-paced and you may take as long as you need to implement it.


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Marketing automation changed my business operations and my clients operations—and I know it can change yours, too. It's an incredible way to modernize at scale and build a layer of departmental resiliency.

My Automish® Automation Tool #4 mini-course walks you through the entire process of implementing audience modifiers so you'll never waste time guessing where your next lead if going to come from. Along the way, you’ll be supported by me and my team, as well as by other owners in our private Automish® community.

Join today and see just how much automation tools can do for your dealership.